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"We started to listen to your songs and it was immediately clear that you had talent".
Caragan music agency

I do like listening to your stuff, I play it several times over. You've got a very individual style - it's got a freshness to it which is very nice."
Peter Howell

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"I really do think you've got an amazing flair for this sort of thing, it makes it so enjoyable. I've heard countless versions of this assignment and I think this wins hands down. You really had me laughing and really enjoying the film again so congratulations, I think it's a great job."
Peter Howell, experienced television composer (Dr. Who theme) and our Tutor for ‘Music For the Media’.

"I did think the songwriting showed potential, so if you ever want to send any more material in the future, it will be gladly received"
Sam Winwood, A&R Dept, Sony Music


"I think your music's extremely atmospheric, very, very, moody and evokes pictures in the mind very easily."
Peter Howell

"You have a good feel for writing and structure"
A&R screener, TAXI


"Robin and Tracey, you have a unique approach and style of song making that has appeal and entertainment value for a listener. This quirky style is fun . . . I enjoyed hearing your work so keep it up".
A&R screener, TAXI ‘The world’s leading independent A&R company’

"Your music has a rather special ingredient - a good hook, and that is really gold dust."
Peter Howell

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